Bleeding World (rock - lyrics by Emerald Tablet)

Taking My Time (pop)

unveil (lyrics by Wopelka)

davey goes fishin pt 1 (ambiant glitch)

Talk to Me (rough mix)

Paradise (Horse remix)

lovesong (lyrics from vurt)

radio plays (lyrics from vurt)

plugthemonkey (lyrics from vurt)

distant shores (lyrics from a friend of Emerald Tablet)

baby rounds (with beats)

baby rounds 2 (without beats)

dancing on (lyrics by emerald tablet)

utopia (psychedelic pop)

Leave (about as pure as I can get)

biz (a bit of glitch)


Love Is Only Now (with guitar by beardedone)


auraofblue (atmospheric)

blueaurawithahintofvurt (vurt remix)

The Nothing Song

krack - watch out for the bass

lalala (atmospheric a little glitch)

We Have We Hear (techno collaboration with Kriminal!)

Solitary Torment (with thanks again to Kriminal for help in the lyrics!)

Monophobia (with thanks to facingdoubt for the lyrics!)

Paradise (Horse remix)

TurnOff (Kriminal remix)

RHTM (with thanks to Poweruser for lyrics!)

Sly - an ambient kind of thing?

Sometimes It's Always Best (with thanks to Kriminal for lyrics!)


Sunday Drive